My Process


Our Initial Meetings

Clients can expect that they will be the center of my attention when it comes to establishing a long-term plan and setting up realistic goals.  They can expect that I respect my role as their advocate, that they can rely on a high level of care, and that there will be full disclosure at the front end of the relationship in terms of what I will do, how I will do it, how I price our services, and how often I expect to communicate with them. 



Working With Your Family

When meeting with a family for the first time, I like to meet with both spouses.  Consulting with both spouses offers two separate perspectives of your financial situation.  My goal is to get you on the same page and gradually implement any changes to your plan as appropriate.  As time goes on, I will ask to schedule a meeting with you and your children to address inheritance, tax-efficient estate planning strategies, trusts, and wills.



Review Meetings

I understand that both your life and the financial markets will change over time.  By periodically checking in to discuss changes in your life and revisiting your strategy, I can help make sure your plan stays consistent with your goals.

I try to touch base once a quarter to see how you and the family are doing. I will schedule face- to-face meetings at your convenience to review your financial documents, account performance, tax statements, and any changes to your financial and life goals.


Stifel and its associates do not offer tax or legal advice.  You should consult your tax or legal advisor regarding your particular situation.